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Emergency Response Suite

Mediwave’s Emergency Response Suite is setting a new pace for impact in the rapidly evolving emergency pre-hospital care healthcare ecosystem. Through the integration of AI, IoMT, and Mixed Reality technologies, Mediwave’s end-to-end emergency response suite consists of a comprehensive ERMS, 5G Connected Ambulance, and Smart EMT.  


An emergency response and dispatch platform with an advanced connected ambulance and AR/VR-led mixed reality tech for Smart EMT capabilities, including HoloLens capabilities.  

5G Connected Ambulance

An IoMT-powered solution uses Google’s geo-location, fencing, and tracking for incident identification, dispatching the fastest ambulance, and providing a hands-free immersive HoloLens experience. 

AI Smart EMT

Our Gen AI smart health solutions include the Co-Pilot ePCR with speech-to-text and intelligent prompts for emergency services to reduce delays and enhance accuracy. 

A New Pace for Impact

Suwa Seriya Success Story

1990 Suwa Seriya, the country’s sole national-level, free pre-hospital emergency Ambulance Service, is powered by Mediwave’s Emergency Response Suite. Equipped with 4G/5G smart connected-ambulance technology with Mixed Reality, IoMT, and AI tools, actively reshaping Sri Lanka’s emergency healthcare ecosystem with fully integrated, mobile-led technology. 

Tech that Saves Lives Daily

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Accessibility - Free Emergency Care

Stay on the Leading-Edge of Emergency Response Technology


Easily adaptable to various Industries and Use Cases, such as airlines, mining, home-based care, flexible solution design, etc. 

Global Deployment

Designed for both developed and developing countries with customisable features. 


Incorporates intelligent automation and workflow optimisations with speech-to-text and more. 

Integrated Technologies

Utilising AI, Big Data, IoMT, Mixed Reality, and Analytics for comprehensive functionality. 

Modular Design

With lite and pro versions with plug-and-play features. 

DIY Training Modules

Easy EMT and control room staff onboarding and training with AR simulation training modules and manuals. 

Mixed Reality Care Experience

AR and IoMT enhance EMT efficiency with HoloLens headsets, improving diagnostic capabilities and providing real-time patient vital readings, reducing fatalities and enhanced patient outcomes.  

AI Smart Transcriber

A solution that assists EMS personnel and healthcare providers in documenting and managing patient care information in real-time during emergencies with increased speed and efficiency. 

Making Emergency Care Intelligent & Immersive

Join us as we set a new pace for impact in delivering emergency healthcare.