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9 – 11 September 2024 | Booth 1737 | Las Vegas Convention Center

Setting a new pace for impact at the intersection of Artificial Intelligence and Augmented Reality in healthcare. With a commitment to digital health integration and emergency response management, our product suite helps healthcare professionals focus on patient-centric care.  

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Suren Pinto
Chief Executive Officer
Reza Aniff
Chief Operating Officer
Dilum Kumarasinghe
Senior VP Emerging Technology & Innovation
Pulasthi Samaraweera
Assistant VP Global Alliances
Anyeshka Gunawardena
Product Manager
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World's Fastest and Digitally Advanced
Connected Ambulance Service

We power one of the world's fastest and most digitally advanced pre-hospital emergency response ambulance services, 1990 Suwa Seriya, with AI and Mixed Reality.

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Empowering the healthcare industry with digital, immersive and intelligent life enhancing healthtech powered by AI, IoMT, Big Data and Mixed-Reality.