Smart EMS

AI Transcription for
First Responders

Get real-time AI voice-to-text documentation, lightning-fast summaries, and a user-friendly interface that lets you capture critical patient care records with ease. Smart EMS helps you focus on what matters; patient care.

How Smart EMS Works

Focus on
Patient Care,
Not Paperwork.

Smart EMS transcribes conversational voice inputs during patient care, extracting, summarising, and structuring medically relevant information. It then formats the information into your chosen report style, acting as a fast, no-training-required intelligent digital scribe.

How Smart EMS Works

Healthcare's Most Adaptive
AI Transcriber for First Responders


The Voice of Every Emergency
Amplified by AI

Rapid Documentation

Summarise your patient encounter using your voice, and the narrative is then populated into your patient care reporting software, streamlining the documentation process.

Multiple Formats Supported

Select from common documentation formats such as SOAP, CHART, CHART (expanded), and DRAATT, and easily integrate them into any ePCR system.

Multi-Speaker Recognition

Our algorithms accurately capture and organise voices from multiple EMS practitioners into a coherent narrative, whether it’s a single responder or a team.

Seamless Integration

Easily paste the narrative into any ePCR charting system, saving 10-20 minutes per patient encounter, enhancing efficiency and response readiness.

Review and Integrate

Review the generated reports, make
necessary edits, and seamlessly integrate it into your preferred ePCR system in a few clicks.

Spell-Check and Grammar

Smart EMS ensures correct spelling and grammar, even for complex medical terminology.

How Smart EMS is Transforming
First Responder Efficiency

Saved daily
per EMS staff
3- 0 hours
Perfection rate
in notes
0 %
Spent in
re-entering data
0 time
Saved additionally
per EMS staff
0 + lives

Crafting Synergies
with Industry Veterans

With experience as a Veteran, paramedic, and EMS leader, on this journey to improve EMS retention and reduce legal liabilities and distress related to timely report completion, Smart EMS introduces much-needed technology coupled with AI for smarter operations. Our mission is to leverage technology ethically and appropriately to free EMS practitioners from the burdens of paperwork, enabling
them to focus on what they do best—save lives.

Donnie Woodyard Jr.
30-year veteran paramedic
and EMS system leader
Security and Compliance

Capture Critical Information,
Stay Compliant.

Secure and HIPAA
Encryption Standards
Local Data
No Audio File

Looking for a
Complete Solution

We offer robust integration into existing ePCR solutions for organisations looking to fully leverage the comprehensive suite of capabilities


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