ePCR Software

With unique industry-leading features and best-in-class support, our electronic patient care documenting and reporting software (ePCR) is designed to meet national and state reporting requirements for the entire spectrum of care and the EMS community.


Making Everyday
Patient Care Effortless


Connecting every aspect of EMS with seamless communication, from dispatch to patient care.


Empowering EMS teams to deliver superior care through advanced technology and personalized solutions.

EMS Operations

Optimizing EMS workflows for efficiency and effectiveness, from call intake to incident resolution.


Make the Switch to a
Comprehensive ePCR Software

ePCR Records

Bridge communication gaps between EMS and hospitals or receiving facilities. Paramedics’ insights can save valuable time in the ETU/ED for enhanced patient care.

for EMS

Using automated functions, you can quickly review analytics that align with your core metrics for your state/area and stay abreast of real-time updates within your agency.

Audit Trail
and Compliance

Maintains an audit trail of all changes made to patient records, ensuring compliance with regulatory requirements, facilitating accountability.


Our modern ePCR software integrates smoothly with operating databases, tools, dispatch management systems, etc., enhancing situational awareness.


Flags incomplete or inaccurate data entries in real-time, ensuring that all necessary information is captured – reducing the risk of errors.

Mobile and Offline

Accessible via mobile devices, enabling EMTs to document on-the-go. Works offline in areas with poor connectivity, ensuring access to critical patient information anytime, anywhere.

Optimizing the
Healthcare Ecosystem

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patient narratives
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Spent in
re-entering data
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Latest News

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