End-to-End ERMS

An all-in-one Emergency Response Management System (ERMS) for efficient incident monitoring, resource management, and emergency response for ambulance dispatch, empowering one of the world’s fastest ambulance services.

Core Capabilities

Patient Care During
the Golden Hour

Incident Tracking

Monitor and manage incidents as they happen, with live updates and status changes.


Quickly assign and deploy the nearest and most appropriate response units.


Seamlessly connect with first responders through voice, text, and video.

Resource Management
and Analytics

Efficiently allocate and track the use of emergency resources, personnel and automate KPI tracking of critical metrics to improve future responses.


Utilize geographic information systems for precise location tracking and mapping of incidents and ambulance movements.


Ensure compatibility with other emergency systems and agencies for coordinated responses.

Impact-Led Life Enhancing HealthTech 

Reduction in
response times
0 %
Improve resource
allocation efficiency
0 %
Faster incident
resolution speed
0 %
Enhance inter-agency
0 %
Connected Solutions

Integrated Solution for
Enhanced Emergency Response Management

Smart EMT

Empowering EMTs to be
Enhance Life-Saving Efforts

Mediwave’s Connected Ambulance solution is globally recognized as one of the only end-to-end solutions enabling the entire spectrum of healthcare to leverage AI, IoMT, Big Data, and Mixed-Reality technology, enabling EMS teams to respond efficiently.


Latest News

Leveraging the power of AI to transform first responder documentation through real-time voice-to-text transcription, Mediwave’s Smart EMS frees up valuable time for first responders, allowing them to prioritise patient care.
Mediwave was recognized as a finalist at the prestigious Global Mobile Awards (GLOMO), part of the Mobile World Congress (MWC) powered by GSMA in Barcelona, Spain.
Mediwave partners with 1990 Suwa Seriya to elevate life-enhancing emergency care through Mixed Reality and AI. Together, a fully Connected Ambulance, powered by Mediwave's integrated EMS was launched in Sri Lanka

See How You Can Make a Difference
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We power one of the world’s fastest and most digitally advanced pre-hospital care emergency ambulance services with our ERMS as its core.