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Mediwave Triumphs at SLASSCOM Ingenuity Awards 2024 with Double Wins in Emergency Healthtech 

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Mediwave, a trailblazer in healthtech, has achieved a remarkable double win at the SLASSCOM Ingenuity Awards 2024. The company received both the Western Provincial and National Awards for “Best Innovation Product/Project in Healthtech” for its revolutionary Emergency Response Suite. 

As a global leader in healthtech innovation, Mediwave is distinguished by its comprehensive end-to-end solutions that leverage AI, Big Data, IoMT (Internet of Medical Things), and Mixed Reality. This expertise positions Mediwave as a game-changer in the healthcare technology sector. 

The awards celebrate Mediwave’s relentless dedication to life-saving technologies developed in-house. The Mediwave Emergency Response Suite combines AI and Mixed Reality to provide a comprehensive digital solution for pre-hospital emergency care. This cutting-edge platform equips medical professionals with real-time data, AI-driven autoamtions, and AR visualization tools, enhancing the speed and efficiency of emergency responses. 

A prime example of the suite’s impact is its partnership with Sri Lanka’s national emergency ambulance service, 1990 Suwa Seriya. This collaboration has propelled Suwa Seriya to become one of the world’s fastest and most technologically advanced emergency response systems, outperforming many in developed nations. With a nationwide response time of under 12 minutes for medical emergencies, recently recognized by the World Bank, this success sets a benchmark for global replication in both developing and developed countries. Mediwave is now extending its expertise through partnerships with leading healthcare providers, hyperscalers, and system integrators to roll out PoCs and active use cases in the United States, Australia, Africa, Malaysia, and selected APAC markets. 

Furthermore, Mediwave holds a first-mover advantage in developed countries such as the US with its AI-powered emergency response technology and tools. These tools are specifically designed to assist first responders in fire and other EMS professions, facilitating timesaving, precision-led, and hands-free patient care support. 

The suite’s intelligent automation of tasks, such as Electronic Patient Care Reporting (ePCR), inventory management, AI incident transcribing, and automated follow-ups with virtual agents, significantly reduces the workload on medical professionals, allowing them to focus more on patient care. Its mobile-first design ensures that emergency healthcare is accessible, no matter the location. 

Mediwave’s accolades at the SLASSCOM Ingenuity Awards 2024 not only highlight their dedication to healthcare innovation but also underscore their influence in setting new standards for emergency healthtech solutions worldwide. With a vision centered on improving patient care through technological advancements, Mediwave continues to pave the way for the future of healthcare. 

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