Unleashing Healthcare's
Digital Potential

We are setting a new pace for impact at the intersection of Artificial Intelligence and Augmented Reality in healthcare. With our focus on digital health enablement and emergency response, we empower healthcare professionals to prioritize what truly matters, patient care.

Digital Health


Next-generation digital healthcare enablement suite designed for hospitals and
clinics, empowering healthcare professionals in delivering patient care.

Success Story

World's Fastest and Digitally Advanced
Connected Ambulance Service

We power one of the world's fastest and most digitally advanced pre-hospital emergency response ambulance services, 1990 Suwa Seriya, with AI and Mixed Reality.

Tested and Proven

Our Global Reach

Our solutions are designed for flexibility, speed, and scalability, with industry-leading security and compliance standards tailored to the global healthcare industry.

Sri Lanka
Solution Active

Emergency Response Suite

Solution Launched

Emergency Response Suite

United States
POC in Progress

Smart EMS

Solution Active

Digital Health Solution

Artificial Intelligence

Most Adaptive AI Transcriber

With Generative AI and speech-to-text transcription, we are empowering healthcare and EMS professionals to focus on what matters the most, patient care.

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