MediLife is a versatile system that can be integrated into any hospital or clinic, whether private or government-owned, in any country. With features such as channeling, telemedicine, patient health records, and more, MediLife provides convenience for patients and healthcare providers alike.  

MediLife can be integrated as a complete front-end and back-end solution to enhance your company’s existing system and ensure best practices are maintained. Improve your patient experience, healthcare delivery quality, and overall service with MediLife. 

Why choose MediLife?

Features & Functionalities

  • User-friendly 
  • Search doctors/clinics 
  • Automated patient alerts on appointments 
  • Book visit & virtual consultations 
  • View doctor schedule 
  • Doctor Profile 
  • Consultation log 
  • Manage schedule 
  • Provide e-prescriptions 
  • Earnings summary 
  • Audio/video call consultations 
  • Real-time doctor schedule 
  • Walk-in channelling 
  • Queue Manager with real-time number system 
  • Cashier & Billing 
  • Send reminders to patients 
  • Track vitals 
  • Manage appointments (past and upcoming) 
  • Maintain health records 
  • Maintain prescription orders 
  • Manage profile of family members 
  • Manage test appointments 
  • Manage test reports 
  • Manage prescription orders & re-orders 


MediRescue is a dispatch management software that assists in emergency situations by deploying the most relevant mobile units to resolve emergency incidents. It uses advanced software modules and Google’s geo-location tracking technology to detect mobile units based on emergency priorities and deploys the best-suited vehicles from proximity to the emergency location.  

Our advanced system automates emergency vehicle allocation in the shortest possible time, ensuring that patients receive speedy and appropriate emergency care while improving internal team and operational efficiency with its core operational features. 

MediRescue offers an immersive health solution that integrates advanced technology such as 5G, Metaverse, Augmented Reality, and Virtual Reality to transform the medical emergency dispatch process by delivering fast, accurate medical information for timely and appropriate initial patient care. 

Since 2019, MediRescue has powered Sri Lanka’s National Ambulance Service – Suwa Seriya. 

Why choose MediRescue?

Features & Functionalities

  • Real-time tracking of patient from emergency scene to care institute 
  • Asset dispatched in the shortest time possible 
  • Online solution and accessible from anywhere in the world 
  • Tracks incident lifecycle with follow-up and tracking  
  • Ambulance dispatch management during incidents  
  • Increases economic efficiency of asset deployment 
  • Ensures the right type of vehicle is dispatched to the right location at the right time 
  • Includes triggered alerts and pre-assigned dispatching 
  • Utilises Google Maps to obtain the accurate location of the caller 
  • Ensures the fastest access to the emergency location and closest care unit
  • Provides accurate real time data that enables faster, more strategic decision making 
  • Quality control checks 
  • Customisable design aesthetic based on clients desired look 
  • Ability to integrate with existing third party software system
  • Captures service-related distribution data and costs with added functionalities 
  • Tracks fleet maintenance 
  • Fleet maintenance documentation management, e.g. insurance documentation management 
  • Inventory management 
  • Easy-to-use, functional interface 
  • Includes incident & patient follow up 
  • Fleet management 
  • Detects scam callers and includes blacklist feature 
  • Serves various levels of users: system, fleet, staff (Internal & External) 
  • Manages field staff
  • Gathers & stores data collected through all users 
  • Admin management with permission and role-based controls  
  • Captures meaningful & real-time data directly through linked devices 
  • Integrated devices continuously gather data (aerial/geographical) to better assist distress calls